Pioneer Surveying and Engineering, Inc.
Civil and Structural Engineering - Surveying and Land Planning
Our services include:

Water systems--Distribution, fire protection, well pumps,
booster pumps, storage tanks, and transmission lines

Stormwater Management--Stormwater collection,
detention, retention, discharge, treatment and disposal for
many applications; 100 year flood analysis

Sanitary sewer--Collection systems for new developments,
retrofit projects, trunks and interceptors, in-line and off-
line storage, lagoons

Wind Farm Projects--ALTA/ASCM surveys, roadway
design, aerial targets, construction staking, as-built

Property and Boundary Surveys--Short Plats,
Subdivisions, property surveys,
corner and monument restoration.

Topographic and Construction Surveys

Roadway--Concrete and asphalt systems including streets,
highways and parking lots

Site Plans--Topographic mapping, grading, drainage and

Structural Engineering—Commercial, Residential, and
Industrial design. Site investigations and inspections.
Retaining wall design. Plan engineering.

Construction Management-Management and construction
inspection for a wide variety of both small and large
Integrated Design / Drafting Technology
We work to create and maintain a secure
and accurate coordinate model of each
project on an integrated data base.  Field
measurements are tied to the best
available local datum.  That framework is
retained throughout the preliminary
design, final design and working drawings
of the project.  This permits efficient,
precise and appropriate management of
the project from design though
construction and, ultimately, certification.  
Using the integrated model approach also
reduces chances for error through
transferring data from one model to the
Engineering Design Technology
We use a variety of integrated design
and drafting software.  Our staff is
proficient with some very effective
modeling software for:

  • Roadway Geometrics - horizontal
    and vertical curves, grades
  • Topographic Mapping and Site
    Grading - roads, building sites,
  • Drainage Infrastructure - ponds,
    ditches, pipes, drywells, swales,
  • Water Systems - system modeling,
    pumping, distribution systems,
    transmission lines, storage tanks,
    fire protection, landscape irrigation
  • Sewer Systems - residential and
    industrial collectors, trunks,
    interceptors, in-line and off-line
    storage, lift stations, lagoons
  • Stormwater Management - runoff
    prediction, collection, conveyance,
    storage, metering, treatment, and
    disposal programs, 100-year flood
Surveying Technology
Our surveyors are trained in, and
equipped with, dynamic and effective
  • Total Stations - Rugged, highly
    precise electronic "all-in-one"
    distance, horizontal and vertical
    angle measuring instruments with
    computerized data recorders
  • Global Positioning Satellite (GPS)
    Survey Systems - The latest
    technology using orbiting satellites
    and fixed local monuments.  A very
    versatile technology.  Pioneer
    currently operates three GPS
  • Survey Design/Drafting Software
    - We can download field data from
    anywhere via telephone model
    directly to our computers.  In a
    matter of a few hours, we can have
    a check print or a draft topographic
    site map.  Our party chiefs must
    verify the correctness of the maps
    built from their field surveys.