Pioneer Surveying and Engineering, Inc.
Civil and Structural Engineering - Surveying and Land Planning
Pioneer Surveying and Engineering, Inc. was established in 2006 to provide
professional services in the fields of Civil Engineering, Land Surveying and Planning
to clients consisting of individuals, business, industry and government (municipal,
regional, state and federal). Since that time, our firm has been engaged in many
engineering and surveying projects which have been varied, interesting and
challenging. Most recently, the addition of an engineer specializing in structures has
further diversified Pioneer's service offerings.

Dustin Conroy and his partner, Jesse Garner, ensure the company's projects stay
at a manageable level so that the emphasis can be on service. The quality of service
provided by a professional organization is directly related to the ability of the staff
to respond to clients’ needs. A staff of professional engineers and professional land
surveyors assures a high quality of professional service.

Pioneer works hard to maintain direct input in all our projects. We are specialists in
our disciplines and are able to handle any issues that need to be resolved. With
years of experience, we are familiar with the government permitting process. We
strive to give our personal best whether the project is big or small. Every aspect is
handled as if it was our own – from the early stages of development to the final
design and blueprints; and we are there by the client's side, seeing the project
through to completion and acceptance.
Our services include:

Water systems

Stormwater Management

Sanitary sewer

Wind Farm Projects

Property and Boundary

Topographic and
Construction Surveys


Site Plans

Structural Engineering

Construction Management